Robert Matthew Julius

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About Full-stack software engineer and leader. Well versed in both implementing and leading development of performant, well-tested, and maintainable code.
Technical Skills


API Development Bash CSS/SCSS Git HTML JavaScript/ES6 jQuery Linux MacOS NodeJS Photoshop React.js Ruby Ruby on Rails RSpec Webpack Windows


Used Previously:

AngularJS Elixir Ember.js Objective C PHP Phoenix

Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Engineering Manager

Mountain View, CA/Remote

October, 2019 - Present

Technologies Used:

Manage the company’s engineering team of full-stack software engineers.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Collaborate with product on roadmap planning.
  • Lead recruiting process for engineering team.
  • Ensure team workload is balanced between new feature work and tech debt.
  • Develop engineers through pair programming, mentoring, and building individualized performance plans.
  • Collaborate with executive-level management on engineering team strategy and goals.
  • Contribute to the codebase and review code regularly.


Senior Software Engineer

Palo Alto, CA

April, 2019 - October, 2019

Technologies Used:

Ruby Ruby on Rails JavaScript jQuery CSS
Responsible for leading the runtime operations workstream on the App Volumes team.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Write Ruby on Rails code that is fully functional on both Windows and Linux machines.
  • Refactored the application's boot process.
  • Refactored and enhanced the application's background job processing architecture to allow user customization.
  • Participate in code review.

Green Bits

Engineering Team Lead

San Jose, CA

May, 2018 - April 2019

Technologies Used:

Ruby Ruby on Rails JavaScript/ES6 React.js Ember.js Objective C
Responsible for leading a small, cross-functional engineering team that develops features supporting emerging markets and maintains/updates existing functionality to ensure our customers' compliance with state regulations.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Respond to changes in state regulations and prioritize/develop features accordingly.
  • Develop features on a Ruby on Rails API, iOS point of sale application, and an Ember.js inventory management app to facilitate automated compliance for customers.
  • Built architecture to facilitate online pre-ordering for customers.
  • Participate in code review.

Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA

November, 2015 - May, 2018

Technologies Used:

Ruby Ruby on Rails React.js HTML JavaScript/ES6 CSS/SCSS AWS PostgreSQL Nginx
Responsible for designing and developing highly interactive features for award-winning educational software that serves over 100,000 visitors per day.

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Led team on integrating with third party libraries and APIs (Clever, OneRoster, TextHelp, Froala).
  • Led team on AWS resource management and cost optimization.
  • Containerized the company's monolithic Ruby on Rails application.
  • Led the team in implementing React.js.
  • Implemented a system to automate account management of over 180,000 users daily via Clever and OneRoster.
  • Implemented auto-save functionality for student assessments.
  • Participated in code review.
  • Refactored legacy code to emphasize its readability and maintainability.
  • Conducted technical interviews and reviewed code challenges.
  • Deployed bi-weekly software releases to a production environment.

BAE Systems

Engineering Technologist I (via Advantage Resourcing)

Santa Clara, CA

March, 2015 - November, 2015


  • Manually test and identify bugs in system software.
  • Write and perform software regression tests.
  • Demonstrate software functionality to the customer.

San Jose State University

San Jose, CA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Graduated: May 2015, cum laude